Who are you and what do you do?

I am Autumn Parker. I'm a leo; I paint and make things with my hands

How did you get into what you do creatively?

I’I've been drawing, coloring, and painting my entire life. My dad used to work a Kinkos in Greenville, NC (Which is now just Fedex) in the printing department. He made my grandmother a magnet with a photo of 5 year old me next to a really bad drawing of a horse. She still has it on her refrigerator.  For all of the phases and changes of my life -- art has remained constant. And pop punk music. I always chose the art electives in middle school. I took AP art classes in high school, and I started out as an art history major at ECU. The desire to create has always been there.

What themes do you pursue in you work?

It always changes depending on how I'm feeling at the moment. Currently I'm drawn to images that emote fear and chaos. That's what my life consists of at the moment. In work, my relationship, my inner turmoil. My Co-Star has been reading me for filth lately.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

There's a painting I have called 'Break'. Someone said it looks like it's alive.

What/who influences you?

People in my life inspire me to create and how I feel about them, other artists that I see and their techniques, my emotions and thoughts have been a big motivator in my art lately.

What makes your work necessary (to you, to others, to the community)?

I won't lie. This pursuit is self-serving. I love painting so that's what I'm going to do. As a overweight, black, bisexual woman nothing in this life was designed for me. By creating my own space I am encouraging others to do the same. I am more than my relationship to a man, I am more that my child-birthing hips and I am more than what society intends I be.

Where can we find you?

instagram: autumnintechnicolor

etsy: techniautumn

twitter: autumnparkerart