Shot by @alexgranowsky
Styled by @zionfrombrooklyn
Clothes by @zionfrombrooklyn

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Blayke-Taylor (He/His) I’m a singer songwriter that creates alternative pop music.

How did you get into what you do creatively?

One day my mom was doing a performance and I met a girl who’s boyfriend was a somewhat popular producer at the time. I used to write music and sing in GarageBand during that period  of my life .She felt I had a marketable look so I began recording the tracks I was writing.

What themes do you pursue in you work?

I like to create performance art so with each project I like to pretend it’s coming from the point of view of a character that I created. Reoccurring themes or subject matters I use in my music are loneliness , Drug use and Camp. I basically take my real life issues and sugar coat them with demented beats and witty wordplay.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

This trash bro

What/who influences you?

I take my real life experiences parties ,hookups ,anger all that and reimagine it through Pop Art. Warhol is my favorite artist he took a piss at the super serious artist around him by painting soup cans and that’s what I like to do with my music my song “Fast Food” is a great example of that I basically make fun of modern rap music and the music industry all while rapping in the most monotone dead pan delivery humanly possible. The beat throughout the song is so energetic , Bubbily and comical while I’m just delivering lifeless bars.

What makes your work necessary (to you, to others, to the community)?

I feel that people take themselves way too seriously and I don’t take myself seriously at all it’s super important to stand up for serious issues but it’s also super important not to be that bitch with a stick up your ass . I’m alternative and quirky and but with a dark edge those types of Queer people aren’t really being showcased and if they are they usually aren’t black  so I think we should throw some light on the dark side of the rainbow. Dark meaning alternative goth, etc.

Where can we find you?

My music is available on all streaming services and these are my social handles Instagram:@blayketaylorhatesu 
Twitter: @blayke_taylor